Banish The Weakness of Man (Demo #3)

by Caligo

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All music and lyrics by Dantalion. Mixing, mastering and session vocals by WV from Wampyric Bloodlust and Theoroth.
Composed and recorded during years XLVIII and XLIX A.S.
Third track by Satatic Warmaster.


released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Caligo Chisinau, Moldova

One man Black Metal band from Chişinău, Republic of Moldova.
Active since December 2011.

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Track Name: A Fortress Lost In Time
Once mighty and feared by all
Now lost and ruined in the deep space
A shattered fortress hidden by night
Casts a shadow on the wretched swamp
Howls and screams are heared from its walls
Torches flicker between wounds of war
A mountain of doom and lost sacred dreams
Stands a symbol of its fearless men

Lightened by the deathless blazing eye
With tears descending from the sky
Its stone walls are painted in the blood of foes
Turning to poison from the flow of time
A king resides in the catsles' depths
Covered in ash with an empty glance
Awaiting for the bitter cry to arms
When his sword will quench its thirst for blood

A Fortress Lost In Time... Never To Return

Surrounded by ravens feasting on rotting flesh
Of knights who fell durring the fortress' siege
The putrid stench transforms into fog
Embracing the fortress with its deadly claws.
Ancient banners are standing high once more
The Lord of men and Master of our hearts
Shall cast a challenge to this frigid land
In His name a river of red will flow
Track Name: Embraced By The Moon Eclipse
Feeling the sweetest spell of Dark
Drowning in its primeval sands
Tasting the freezing touch of the Moon
Observing the night's countless everlasting stars

Crossing the road to Nordland's plains
The ancient wolf swalows the mighty glare of night
Leaving us embraced by blackness and cold
A crown of the Moon gleaming in the endless sky

As I approach the throne of bliss and glory
The ring up high shall guide me forth
But the night is mortal, comming to and end
A blaze emerges from afar

The Sun rises and devours the Dark
From the horizont painting the skies

As I regain my throne with wrath and honor
The gleaming disc illumes my grand domains
Bathing all in light, resurecting from the dead
Leaving the Moon's palace ruined and gone

The Sun rises and devours the Dark
From the horizont painting the skies
Track Name: The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf
Funeral darkness, clouds shadow the pale surface of the moon
Amid peals of possessed chants out from the darkness and the fog
The demon with black fur and claws as dirks is unbound
Skulks the woods in monstrous craving for blood

The burning eyes of the werewolf
The runes written in the stone
Forbidden wisdom hidden within
The signs of spells long forgotten

When the moon shines the cursed black soul is awoken
Bestial howls approach with terror in the dusk
Slowly in the silent woods the predator lurks
Old tales that forsee the beast have revived