Residing In The Black Void (Demo #1)

by Caligo

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All music, lyrics and vocals by Dantalion.
Composed and recorded during year XLVII A.S.
Fifth track is an english version of "Skald Av Satans Sol" by Darkthrone.


released February 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Caligo Chisinau, Moldova

One man Black Metal band from Chişinău, Republic of Moldova.
Active since December 2011.

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Track Name: Blood Wars in The Blizzard
The ancient parchment’s last chapter
Tells thee of a story dark and bitter
Where demons born in pure darkness
Devoured the false prophets of Christ
Yet still the oath remains sacred
And the cross – untouched by force
Soon the Black Lord shall retrieve his throne
Thus this kingdom will drown in silence

None are worthy of his mercy
All mortals shall meet their demise
Once we chant total destruction
No light will fall on their eyes

Armed with bloodthirsty steel
The people awaken from untruth
And in this chaotic battle
Father dies from the hands of his son

None are worthy of his mercy
All mortals shall meet their demise
Once we chant total destruction
No light will fall on their eyes

The final page of this nocturnal fable
Tells thee a story soaked with tears
Where the demons danced in the blizzard
As the warriors slept in the snow

Thus the tale was told
And the Black Lord is pleased
For the native blood is spilled
And death adorns these weary grounds
Track Name: Behold Ragnarök
I am the dark reflection
Of a begotten star in night
I am lust and perversion
My kingdom is cold twilight
I reign this world 10000 years
Sowing misery and hate
I am your death in mortal fears
And I decide your fate

My servants know no quarter
They tear my foes in shreds
Praising blood and slaughter
They let the diseases spread
With fire in heart and steel in hand
Mere mortals dare to fight
They'll feed the maggots of this land
Once they taste the demons' might

Glory for Satan
Behold Ragnarök

I rule the damned I make them bleed
In glory of my name
I feast with Death, with flesh and mead
In light of the human flame
The moon is fool with frost it shines
A star tonight will fall
A ferocious blaze highlights the signs
Gjallarhorn shall appall
Track Name: Call of The Past Centuries
Hear the mighty silence call like a thunder in the autumn sky
Raising from its tomb a spirit that once was cursed
And thrown in the cage of cries and eternal misery
Hearing truth untold and screams that were ignored
So many years have passed only knowledge was absorbed
And wiser it became and colder was its blood
From the darkness of revenge no exit can be found
Your life’s in the spirits claws and strangled you will be!

The errant voice of the cursed soul
It haunts you forever in the dark
Our final blasphemy is cold
A call of the past centuries

The battle horns scream and call
Numerous men run towards they doom
From the hand of time they’ll fall
Thus revenge was served with wrath

Only forests know the tale of a battle severe and cold
Where the blackest lord revealed his true vampiric thirst
The snow was gleaming red in the sunlight of the dawn
Only swords are standing still like crosses of a grave

In the blood was left one darkest mark
Resembling the abyss of torture
Screaming echoes through time and space
A call of the past centuries
Track Name: We Shall Rise Again
Upholding reality cloaking with darkness
Standing silent in the nightside fog
Observing the eternal eclipse of the sun
That lightens the forest where cold winds blow

Reflecting the nightmares in paling skin
Reminding of hours embracing your soul
We roam in the fields through a cold red mist
Were warm blood flows in the rivers of death

The freezing grimness of sunlight's decay
Lives in the field were we are meant to stay
Feeding the soil with Nordic flesh
Marking this wasteland as Hell’s new ground

Our tombstones are nameless and swords are dull
Covered in rust from the enemies blood
But Satan will come and again we shall rise
And fight for our master and die once more

Slaying the foes with fury and wrath
We burned their shrines to the poison ground
Showing no mercy to all who could breathe
And total darkness followed our path

Imminent chaos will rule this world
The abyss of time shall never heal
Despondency lurks in the masses life
Charon’s boat will never stand still
Track Name: Skald of Satan's Sun (Darkthrone cover)
The fog thickens
Darkness falls
Evil slumbers
The forest calls

Out here in the devil's domain
Through a murky, pale forest
Angels run, angels fly
Out of my own graveyard

I gaze under the cold wind
The angel's flight thins the fog
I drink of the moon's cold,
Pale light and praise Satan's sun
A cruel malice seeps in and fills body and soul
A sky of ghosts
Torture and hate

The fog thickens
Darkness falls
Evil slumbers
The forest calls

Let me forever serve the 72 fallen
In the cold dark well of the sly black ones
Worthy, I am proclaimed as the unholy trinity's scald
"When hell calls your name there is no way back"

The fog thickens
Darkness falls
Evil slumbers
The forest calls